Demetra Jiova

The Quantum Life Mentor / Creator of the 5D Miracles Method

Demetra is a Spiritual Teacher based in Los Angeles and through Private Sessions, Seminars and Workshops, both online and in person, she is altering people's lives all around the world with her 5D Miracles Method. She teaches you how to embrace a Quantum Way of Living: The Quantum Life! Her teachings are deeply unique and radical, only a few other people around the world teach or work with similar ideas.

5D Miracles Method

A unique platform where Quantum Physics meets the Law of Attraction!

By utilizing the 11 dimensions, the M theory and the properties of the TimeSpace continuum, the method changes drastically and easily your belief/thought systems and thus your 4th dimensional experience of life. Often the changes occur within a day or days.



Our human experience is just a projection of our beliefs. Change those and you Will change your reality.

Law of Tuning In/Resonance

We are not really "attracting" things in our lives (LOA) but instead we tune into /resonate with their frequency from the infinity that already exists in the 11 Dimensions.

M Theory +

The existence of 11 Dimensions and of infinite versions of ourselves in infinite parallel Universes/Frames.

Science of Miracles

“Miracles” happen when consciousness moves from one “frame of reality” onto another without the in-between frames that our logical brain deems necessary and expects.

5th Dimension

Time is non-linear from the 5th Dimension and above: Past, Present and Future all co-exist simultaneously.

Conscious Quantum Living

By utilizing all the above you can tune into all of your desires, achieve abundance, heal any and all physical symptoms and relationships, and change your belief system at will, within days.


Clip From Upcoming Project "Conversations with Demetra"


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