Amra Silajdzic

International Top Model /Actress /Activist
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From the very first classes I had with Demetra, my life started to change! 

Actually it was two of the very first things she ever taught me that did the trick for me!
The first thing was: “No human being sees this world with the same eyes or interprets its events in the same way! So I shouldn’t expect that they do, nor should I be mad if they don’t! It has nothing to do with me per se and I shouldn’t take it personally!"
The second thing was: “Life doesn’t just happen to us and we then have to react to life, but actually the opposite is true: We happen to life! Life reacts to our thoughts and emotions!”
Those two ideas affected my life in a profound and lasting way!  
The whole process made me remember and learn new things about science and spirituality; and I got to know myself SO much better! And because of that I became aware of many-many important things that were always around me..., hidden in plain sight!

I became a better, more self-confident and a much stronger person! A person who appreciates life: one day at a time! 

And I know -because of my on going journey with Demetra- that there's so much more to come. And I am looking forward to it!