Alexia Vassiliou

Internationally Renown Singer /Composer /Lyricist /Documentarian /Conceptual Artist

I am more creative than ever, more confident than I have ever been!

My lessons with Demetra Jiova, have really changed my Life in an amazing way! 

Demetra has taught me, has shown me: a new perspective, a new way of perceiving and interpreting all of my life's events and circumstances. 

How utterly relieving to know that we and only we are responsible for all that is “created” and manifested in our self-manufactured reality. 

We can create any reality we choose. Any! And in a childlike way! 

I am so very grateful to Demetra, for her patient, confident, and steadfast approach to a Science made-to-be-understood by non-scientists. By all really, by those who are ready.

I thank Demetra for her knowledge, thought process, caring ways. Through her responsible, ethical and sweet demeanor, I was able to comprehend and apply all this new to me information about Quantum Physics and the significant role it plays in our Life.

One of the most valuable outcomes was the realization that by our very own conscious will, the ever-perpetuating cycle of victim-victimizer, can be finally put to a long-awaited, peaceful rest. 

Now I know, I recognize, I process and eventually I cease to attract, to draw these behaviors in my Energy field. 
I am more creative than ever, more confident than I have ever been and whenever I desire anything, all I have to do is meditate upon it and simply wait: It arrives like clockwork.
Or as Demetra Jiova’s teachings say: It is already done. It is already here. It has already happened in another dimension!

By the knowledge that Demetra has instilled in me, I am also able to help others. 

I am grateful to Demetra and I highly recommend this experience to everyone!