Stephanie Aziliz Williamson

Head of Programming – Ventana Inn /Big Sur, USA

Demetra has enriched and changed my life! Gratitude!

My sessions with Demetra feel to me like a sunrise of my soul!

Her teachings are extraordinarily fascinating: They help you understand everything from Quantum Physics, to black holes, to time travel, to your own life…

She has given me a peek into her scientific mind, and thus into my own. Demetra does a wonderful job in explaining what happens in our universe and what the 11th dimensions are all about and puts it all into a single theory that makes you understand: How Things Really Work in this universe!

Her release technique is also a spot-on 'treatment' for the ego and its primary convictions that act as problem sources. We’ve all heard about how the ego keeps us chained with judgments, fears, desires and assumptions.
Demetra simply and beautifully employs spiritual parables and scientific facts to distill and illuminate the One truth within you: Love. She has a tremendous skill in clarifying perceptions and thoughts coming from your subconscious mind.

Her teachings allowed me to venture forth more solidly, more confidently, and more joyously than ever before, and to learn how to play my individuated role in our “co-created” 4th Dimensional reality. Because, yes we do choose our own reality!

Demetra has enriched and changed my life! Gratitude!