Alexis J Cohen

Lighting Design and Photography /Sound Design and Engineering

I can go on and on, on how my sessions with Demetra literally changed my entire life! 

Demetra has been a great influence in my life! She changed my perspective on life by showing me a different path!

I met Demetra about 5 years ago. In the beginning I was a bit of a skeptic about the things she was talking about, but at the same time had the curiosity to learn more about it!

She has a unique way of communicating her thoughts and finding the right words to explain Quantum physics and higher dimensions. 

Due to my engineering background and perspective, I needed to see some "hard evidence" on what she was telling me about. I also realized that understanding how 5D works is different for every person -my wife was also attending sessions with Demetra and from the very beginning it was making total sense to her! 

I must say though that after some time all the pieces of the puzzle started to fall into place! Piece by piece!
For me this process worked one step at a time. For someone else it probably will work differently. But once I started connecting together the first pieces of the puzzle, I got excited! I started asking more and more questions, reading, meditating and experiencing the first small miracles!

Because they happened!

It works! It truly works! Demetra was right! What we “see” is only a projection of our physical brain and thoughts. We need to get to know our subconscious beliefs, acknowledge them, and then start seeing the change in "reality" by jumping into different states of mind.

It is not a joke that our Higher Self is here, is within us. Open up to a conversation with it. Surround your current ego with companionship and it will understand. It is amazing how many things can be experienced and achieved if you do so; and it is amazing what I discover everyday about my self and my existence by doing so.

Everything is possible! Believe in yourself and in what you are capable to achieve. It's not simply a miracle when it happens. It is everything that we were not able to perceive as possible before, that once is perceived as such, voila it then appears!

Through this process/journey with Demetra, I morphed into a different person. My self-esteem is incredible! I saw how the energy flow works and how the universe gives you back what you give out to it. Give out positive and you'll receive positive! 

I can go on and on, on how my sessions with Demetra literally changed my entire life!

She supported and helped me a lot! Both in my career and in my personal life. All her sessions are one of a kind and truly inspiring! 

Thank you Demi!