Alison Freed

Acclaimed Voiceover Actor /Singer /Songwriter
Nominated : VoiceArts Awards

Long patterns and old ways of thinking are gone! I created new beliefs and watched my entire world change right in front of my eyes!  

I started working with Demetra when I first moved to Los Angeles a little over 5 years ago. My roommate at the time was working with her and she would come home from her sessions absolutely beaming and so excited to share with us how incredible they were and the huge breakthroughs she was having. I decided I had to meet this Demetra, and I made my own appointment.

I was blown away by her and her teachings! Working with her has had such a profoundly positive impact on my life!

There are times when I’m busy and I think about pushing my appointment, but I never do because I leave every single session thinking: “This is the best money I’ve ever spent.” 

Since working with her, my life has absolutely transformed and blossomed. I see life differently. I went from working 3 to 4 jobs, to being my own boss and doing Voiceover and music full time. All my relationships are happier and healthier. Long patterns and old ways of thinking that I thought were ingrained in me forever, are gone. I am so much closer to my family and my friends.

I now have self-love and self-confidence and I know I can achieve absolutely anything. I have destroyed those old patterns and old ways of thinking that were not bringing me happiness, and I have created new beliefs and watched my world change right in front of my eyes.
That doesn’t mean every day is perfect, but when the tough days come along, I have a long list of tools that make a huge difference, and sometimes an immediate positive impact. I always recommend working with Demetra to absolutely everyone and anyone. These teachings will make the world a better place. These teachings DO make the world a better place. These are the things we should be teaching in schools. I truly hope that one day it will be mandatory, because it would make the most profoundly positive difference in the world.

Demetra is a gem and someone I hope will be in my life forever. 

Anything you want to achieve, you can. The kind of relationship you want to have, you can have it!

Love you, Demetra!
Just to give some examples, here are just two of the most incredible things that have happened to me by applying Demetra’s teachings and the 5D Miracles method:

Because she teaches you that anything is possible and proves it, I believed her and my girlfriend and I manifested to be flown from LA to London on her birthday weekend without paying for our tickets to watch my friend and favorite band play Wembley Arena. We stayed in the rock star’s hotel under an alias name, got to meet my musical idol and hang out, then we were flown back home. Incredible, and a weekend I will never forget as long as I live.
And second: One of my favorite bands was playing a secret show at a small club in LA that was sold out. I decided I was going to get in, and got there early. People were already lined up and tickets were going for $1,000. But I ended up manifesting meeting one of the band players at the next bar over, made friends, talked about life, and was escorted by him in through the back to watch the show in the front.  Incredible again!