Adonis Hadjiantonas

CEO /Founder of On Global Productions
Executive Producer of "The Butler (2013)"

Meeting Demetra, was a major turning point in my life!

From my very first sessions with her and for the first time in my life, I discovered spirituality that made sense to me!

The interpretation of such phenomenon, as well as of my feelings, actions and reactions, using science as the base, managed to convert a sworn non-believer to someone who actually opened up and discovered a whole new world that some call spiritual; and the fact is it changed my life forever!
The most amazing thing is that only after just a few sessions, my mind started interpreting and processing things in a totally different way.
I got in touch with my inner feelings and for the first time ever my heart started to open up!
The most amazing discovery for me was how everyone else around me started changing as well and how my life started to make so much more sense!

It is true what Demetra says: that we can easily learn how to make our life better simply by letting go of our 'old self' -our old convictions-, by listening to our heart, and by using our mind as a tool to deliver to the world: the desire of our heart.

Demetra has been my biggest supporter and the source of positive energy in my most painful moments in the past three years.

She is my true inspiration in the new challenging path that I chose to follow.

I feel honored and blessed that our lives crossed!