Why the Law of Attraction is more accurately: A Law of “Tuning In & Resonance”?! The 5D Miracles Method /Technology combines Quantum Physics and the Law of Attraction.

It utilizes the properties of the TimeSpace continuum, of the 11 Dimensions and the existence of infinite "versions /frames" of us, to help us drastically and easily change our belief/thought systems and thus our 4TH Dimensional experience of life. Often the changes occur within a day or days!

It has been well-established that our belief system -what we subconsciously consider and believe to be “true”, the “realities” of life, no matter if they are really true or not- is what gets “projected” in our 4TH Dimensional "reality" and what we subsequently experience as what we call: our everyday human lives.

The 5TH & 11TH Dimension help us understand in a logical and scientific way how exactly that occurs and how it can change; because if you know exactly how it is “projected”, you can then consciously and at will, either change or completely stop that projection!


  • Why in reality we are: Three-Aspect Beings.
  • How to locate and clear from our subconscious, our convictions /belief system.
  • What is our Primary Conviction and why once discovered, our whole life finally makes total sense!
  • What are the Dimensions all about and why the knowledge of the 5TH and the 11TH can change our lives forever!
  • The true nature of TimeSpace continuum and that of Time which is not linear from the 5TH Dimension and above: past, present and future all coexist simultaneously!
  • Why in reality, we do not ‘attract’ events and situations in our lives but instead we ‘tune into /resonate with" them from the Infinity that already exist in the 11 Dimensions! Why thus, the Law of “Attraction” is more accurately a Law of “Tuning in & Resonance”!
  • Infinite versions /frames of ourselves in Infinite Parallel Universes; is that for “real”? And how can we use that to
    literally change our past, present and future?
  • Examples of people who have achieved and constantly achieve that in their everyday lives.
  • The 5D Miracles Method, in order to achieve it yourselves.
  • “Miracles” occur when our consciousness hops from one “frame of reality” to another, without passing through the in-between “frames” that only our logical mind deems necessary and “logical”, and thus expects them!
  • Why and how do we self-sabotage and how we can change that once and for all.
  • All our negative emotions -such as Fear, Anxiety and Anger- act as messengers. Decrypt their messages and they will become your most useful allies!
  • What is the underlining reason behind all diseases and addictions and how can we eliminate that by utilizing the 11 Dimensions and the 5D Miracles Method?
  • How the 5TH and the 11TH Dimension can help us improve radically, within minutes, all of our human relationships.
  • What are the 4 Laws of the Multi-Universe?