Paulina Michaels

Life changing!
If I were to describe my experience working with Demetra with one phrase, that would be it!

I began my journey with her about two years ago and can truthfully say that I am a very different person from the one I was back then, and in a way that I really like.

Demetra is always there for you, however not in the way that will make you depend on her but in a way that will allow you to learn how to never need anyone and know what to do yourself. I think that is what a true mentor and spiritual teacher should be. Otherwise, it becomes a trap that you created for yourself.

I love the space that she creates when working with me -it’s a judgmental free zone- that allows both my conscious and my subconscious mind to fully open up in the most loving and fearless way.

I know that one of the most important things that we all thrive for in any work we do is results /proof of success. And I can tell with all honesty, that in two years I definitely got great results - career, family and love wise, the kind of proof that three years ago I considered impossible for myself.

And of course it is a process and it is a never-ending process, there is no doubt about that. We are always evolving beings and that’s what we are here for. But one thing that we usually miss out on is enjoying that ride. And in this quantum world that we live in –that Demetra is helping you to fully understand and conquer- you find yourself cruising along the road of your life, in the “car” that You like, making stops at places that You want, loving your rear window view, enjoying the surroundings and knowing that You can turn and choose a different direction at any time You want!